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What's new on version 1.2

September 2002


New features

- MacOS X support.

- revised intelligent completion of formulas

- revised goto cell. It now navigates in occupied cells and is on the edit pop-up, directly on the work screen.

- selection extending, using the ‘.’ Mode.

- added a few options to the ‘=’ pop-up.

- revised documentation




- fixed a bug with the pop-up helpers (‘=’ and formulas) on empty cells

- handling of date input (the MDY was not working as it should)



- revised internet site - old netscape navigator support and other issues

- new payment options. Addition no longer works with PayPal for payment processing

on version 1.1

June 2002


New features

- revised evaluation engine: faster and more reliable.

- revision of the progress indicator

- cancel/stop action on opening a large spreadsheet

- much better date handling, including treatment of system dates formats on the Palm and on MSExcel.

- ### decimal numbers which cannot fit the cell.

- confirmation on extremely long operations (over 2000 cells).

- stability improvment: Addition now can handle on sheets with over 40.000 cells without breaking.

- better formula autocomplete options.

- better scrolling, on very large sheets the touch area of the scrollbar is increased.

- The add-in is now also on the Tools menu of MSExcel.

- handling of currency symbol before or after a number.

- arrow key navigation.

- revised move/copy operations: handling of row and column properties.



- goto cell interface bugs

- complete occupation of rows or columns does not break insert/delete and other operations.

- Add-in handling sheets with dates on 1900/1904 system

- increased the touch area for moving columns

- Sort works

- Copy to clipboard and paste from clipboard is now working as it should

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